• DirectCommand™

    DirectCommand™ has revolutionized the application management process, giving you reliable application rate control that will help you minimize waste. Complete control over liquid and granular application with DirectCommand™

    Complete Control  
    Your resources are valuable and important. Whether you have an NH3 toolbar, Liquid N sidedress unit, sprayer, spreader or electric starter fertilizer pump on your planter, DirectCommand™ will transform the application process, allowing for maximum control.                          

    Why DirectCommand?
    Eliminate overapplication, overlap, spray drift and application gaps.                        
    Increase productivity during tight application windows.                
    Reduce fuel costs and field compaction by applying multiple products at one time.                          
    Target product application through crop sensing and prescription application strategies.                               
    Document all field application data and provide simple reporting.                            
    DirectCommand’s AutoSwath feature reduces over application and product waste by automatically turning the applicator (liquid or granular) on/off based on field boundaries and already-applied areas as it passes over the field. The system reduces input costs and increases application accuracy by minimizing skips and overlaps at end rows, fence rows and along waterways.                       

    Liquid Application
    DirectCommand™ offers total liquid control with variable rate application, chemical injection, AutoSwath™ and more.                      

    Spinner Spreader Control
    DirectCommand™ simplifies spreader control by providing automated calibration and storage of critical settings. The system features include variable rate control, automatic section control and closed loop spinner speed control of up to five products. DirectCommand™ reads ground speed and automatically adjusts product flow to match target application rate.                               

    Strip-Till Application
    Control up to three channels of granular product using your strip-till applicator while simultaneously controlling anhydrous and nitrogen stabilizer with the addition of liquid and chemical injection control modules.                            

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