• Drag Chain

    Following behind the Spading-Closing Wheels our Twisted Drag Chain helps to further crumble and level the soil. This helps even out the rate of drying and insures the soil does not dry past seed depth. This is a low cost, low maintenance way to help increase uniform emergence in the drier parts of the field and is a must when using the spading closing wheels in minimum till. By the way, some of our customers still feel the need for some shallow tillage in the spring and the spading closing wheels and drag chain combination do an excellent job in that situation.

    DCK-01 Drag Chain Kit
    Heavy square edge cross chain and brackets
    Bolts to all MaxEmerge units
    Fits Kinze and White units with bolt-on wheels
    Kinze units with roll pin attached closing wheels will need holes drilled for mounting

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    Product: Drag Chain
    Catalog: Martin-Till