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Precision Planting is a leader in planter equipment and agriculture technology, constantly developing innovative products to help solve agronomic issues facing growers today.

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Other Precision Planting offerings include:

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The first in Ohio, Precision Agri Services, Inc. is now a business partner/dealer for AgroEcoPower. This is an ECM tuning company that can tune tractors to gain horsepower and also help save on fuel.



Jeff Adams Adams Acres
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We had our 8320 ECU rewritten and are so happy we did! Tanner took the tractor from 260hp up to 305hp and it is a world of difference. We are pulling our digger faster at less rpm and can't wait to see what it will do on our vertical till!       Learn more about AgroEcoPower - the ECM tuning company that can tune tractors to gain horsepower and also help save on fuel.    

John Deere 8310R
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John Deere 8310R Stock HP: 311hp Tuned: 360hp Stock Torque: 1071lb/ft. Tuned: 1244lb/ft with  AgroEcoPower. Click to learn more.

Massey Ferguson 1736
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This little workhorse just gained a few more horses [with AgroEcoPower]. I use this utility tractor for just about everything now the tractor has some more added power to complete my tasks.   Massey Ferguson 1736 Stock HP: 36hp   Tuned 48hp with  AgroEcoPower. Click to learn more.  

Scott Gaier
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Slight hills were drawing it down at C3 at around 10.0 mph going down to as low as 9.0. After the tune with AgroEcoPower we were in D1 at 12.2 mph and no draw down whatsoever.   John Deere 9220 pulling 22ft Joker VT tool Stock HP: 326hp Tuned: 426hp with  AgroEcoPower. Click to learn more.



Interested? Or, would you like to know if you equipment would work with AgroEcoPower, complete this form and we'll get back to you to answer your questions.

AgroEcoPower Tune Request Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions provided by AgroEcoPower

AgroEcoPower FAQs AgroEcoPower FAQs (454 KB)

  • Not yourself. Only our SW specialist can do it. However, we are available 24/7 to assist you, just call us and we will help you by return.
  • Every SW modification is specific and individual job done by SW engineers at the EU HQs. We always tune the original SW downloaded from your machine. No universal SW modification is offered by AgroEcoPower LLC.
  • We can do them, however, we are purely focused on AG machines and semi-truck.
  • Sure. We can provide you with referrals in your area. We are proud to have many happy customers in Midwest region.
  • We appreciate any referrals you can provide us with as word of mouth works well in AG industry. We value all your potential tips and would be happy to pay you a fair commission. For more details, contact our team.
  • Yes, we do. The company has a long history in software modification.
  • The tune does not involve any mechanical interference in the engine. We offer SW modification, namely reprogramming of EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory), that is an electronic memory block with a serial program in ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The advantage is that the reprogrammed ECU “is aware“ of its reprogramming, thus CAN bus communication is not affected. Therefore, for instance, if online fuel consumption was monitored, it did not compromise the real data. 
  • SW modifications optimally adjust injection parameters, air-fuel ratio, injection duration, fuel amount and also the torque limiter. Using such SW modifications, the performance of turbo diesel engines can be increased by 5-30% and torque by 5-25%. Also the torque curve has a better performance in the low- to mid-speed range. The reduction in fuel consumption can be up to 5-18%.
  • Our SW modification is exactly the same what a manufacturer does. That is why you are always safe with our product.
  • They do it. However, they charge you a premium up to $80,000 (I.e. JD 8130 vs JD 8530). We do the same service for $2,200.
  • We always follow manufacturers´and our European R&D center´s recommendations. We always keep HP within the given range. Also DYNO allows us to measure the tractors power output on site. 
  • We also use AgroEcoPower App which data is based on 18 years experience in the SW modification industry
  • AgroEcoPower LLC has started operations in Midwest in 2014. The mother company in Europe was established in 1999. We have a long history and 70.000+ tunes done in 10 EU countries and the USA. Our happy customers are our priority No 1. You can reach out to us anytime. 
  • Our R&D department in Europe is ready to help 24/7.
  • No, it is not. SW modifications are legal, completely.
  • It can affect your warranty if dealer finds the tune. However, we modify your current SW version which means that serial number/SW version number remains the same. Therefore the dealer cannot see it in most cases. If you want to be 100% sure, we offer to put it back to original before visiting your dealer and after an inspection we tune it up again free of charge. 
  • The tuned ECU communicates with the rest of the drivetrain thru CAN bus wire, so all the other components (clutch/transmission/etc. are aware of power outputs. 
  • Because our SW modification allows you to run your machine at lower RPM ‘s with the unchanged power, the other parts do not suffer so much.
  • – In most cases they cannot, however if you want be 100% sure, let us put SW back to original before your inspection. We will tune it again afterwards free of charge.
  • We provide you with 30 Day Trial Period. You can try your machine in the field and then you make your decision.
  • If you do not feel/like the difference we put it back to original. We can easily proof the difference on DYNO free of charge.
  • We tuned already 70.000+ machines in Europe and in the USA and this has never happened. We always follow the safety limits recommended by manufacturer and our Research&Development (R&D) center in Europe.
  • Make sure that your engine is in good condition before you let us tune it, then you need not worry about engine blowing up.
  • With our coverage, we are able to come within 4 hours if needed. Earlier if we are in the area. Normally, we plan 2-3 weeks in advance
  • Chip box tricks the fuel system, increases exhaust temperature, causes fault codes and problems with DEF systems. In general, chip box can be harmful for your engine. 
  • Tune is safe, synchronizes and balances the entire system thru Can-Bus wire, offers a better fuel economy, brings the torque curve back to the “sweet spot“ and provides higher torque at lower RPM
  • It depends on your driving style. You can either drive it a couple gears higher with the same speed to get better fuel economy or you can use the power to drive faster with the same fuel consumption
  • We always follow all manufacturers´ and our European R&D centre´s manuals. If it happens we can easily look it up and fix it. However, this rarely happens due to long development history of AgroEcoPower
  • Yes, we are always open with our customers as we do not want to jeopradize our reputation. Moreover, we offer 30 Day Trial Period for you to try.
  • We offer our product at comparable prices to our competitors. Our pros are 
  1. 30 Day Trial Period 
  2. Lifetime Warranty 
  3. We do an individual tune for every customer base
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Yetter Farm Equipment

Yetter designs planter attachments and precision fertilizer placement tools to meet most production agriculture challenges. From design to manufacturing, Yetter puts farmers’ needs first.

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Surefire Ag System

From simple, standard single-product liquid fertilizer application systems, to complex, custom-designed systems; wireless valve controls; and chemical batching and sprayer tender systems, SureFire Ag is committed to helping you farm the way you want.

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Raven AutoCart

AutoCart® by Raven Autonomy™ is the software system to monitor and control your autonomous grain cart. The app allows you to set staging and unloading locations in a field, adjust speed, monitor location, and command the grain cart to sync.

Benefits of the AutoCart include:

  • Allows you to operate your tractor autonomously to automate your grain cart operation during harvest
  • Increase your harvester efficiency by up to 38% by unloading on the go, even when you don’t have a driver available
  • Puts the harvester operator in complete control of the grain cart tractor
  • Reallocate your labor force to get the most work done during your short harvest window
To learn more about the features, visit RavenPrecision.com.

Previously known as Smart Ag’s Autonomous Grain Cart, the AutoCart is operational in Clark County Ohio. Charlie Troxell with Precision Agri Services walks Bart Johnson through all of the ins and outs of running an autonomous grain cart as he harvest corn.



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Martin-Till’s simple planter attachments make it possible to plant into higher levels of mulch, which means less erosion and more consistent and lower-cost yields—all while your soil is rebuilding itself.

Proven Agronomic Benefits

These simple planter attachments are making it possible for more and more farmers to plant into higher levels of residue. Millions of acres are now planted this way each year and many of our customers are repeat buyers.

  • No-Till, Strip-Till, and Conventional-Till — All done best with Martin-Till
  • Martin-Till Planter Attachments get results in tough planting conditions
  • 3 Decades of continued innovation bring your planter the solutions that keep you moving in the field!
  • Proven Agronomic Benefits make it an easy decision to choose Martin-Till for spring planting!

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Harvest International

When it has to be “Your planter… your way,” trust PASI. We custom-build corn planters using the UltraPlant toolbar from Harvest International. You pick the row unit you desire and we build from there.

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360 Yield Center

Sometimes you can get more from what you plant by focusing on the basics: nutrient and N management, fungicide application, tillage practices and residue management. The tools from 360 Yield Center will help you change the way you manage these key factors. The result? Better-performing crops and better on-farm profits.

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Copperhead Ag

Copperhead Agricultural Products manufactures the Furrow Cruiser® spiked closing wheel, a direct replacement for the stock corn planter press wheel. Their Drill Cruiser® offers a unique combination of sidewall crumbling and soil firming.

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We need you to update your RTX firmware and frequency settings We’re updating Trimble RTX™ real-time correction streams to AES Encryption and changing to new satellite beams to provide you with the most advanced technology available, ensuring network coverage expansion for years to come.

This change means you must update firmware and configure all Trimble RTX and Trimble xFill® compatible devices (including VRS and RTK customers for xFill) to continue using Trimble RTX and Trimble xFill positioning services.

It is integral that your firmware is updated as soon as possible and that your devices are configured when the new beam frequencies are available. We will send out a Support Bulletin with the frequencies for the new beams when they are turned on.

These changes will provide you with additional data security, technology enhancements, and greater access to Trimble’s ever-expanding CenterPoint® RTX Fast network, with increased reliability and access to faster convergence times in more areas.

Read on for more information about when you need to take action, and how to do it.

We are proud to represent the Trimble line of hardware and software products and their proven solutions for your farming operation. These include guidance and steering; flow and application control; wireless data transfer, and drainage and watershed management solutions.

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Enviro-Max XP™ - Heavy Duty Cast Opener Assembly

Tired of replacing off-shore made opener assemblies season after season? Put your seed in the soil with a heavy duty, American made cast opener assembly that will outlast the equipment you plant with.

GBGI’s new and improved ductile iron bearing housing is proudly cast and machined in the USA. Assembly includes a tough boron steel blade made in the USA, and a premium PEER double row sealed ball bearing.

Eliminate costly downtime and get your seed in the field when it counts with Enviro-Max™. The American made opener minimizes runout and failure while maximizing your yield.

Individual assembly component benefits are described in more detail below.

Large Rivets

Large rivets prevent shearing under increased load and speed of today’s machines.

Precision Machining

Precision machining helps minimize runout.

Solid Steel Press Fit Dust Cap

A solid steel press fit dust cap keeps bearings protected from dirt and debris in harsh environments.

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AgXcel is your leader for precision liquid fertilizer placement systems. They focus on creating customized solutions that fit your needs, with an ever-evolving focus on cutting-edge technology. They offer seamless integration into Trimble, Ag Leader, John Deere, Raven and more.

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NORAC boom height control provides operators with uncompromising performance in the most demanding environments. Spray easy knowing your boom is at the right height. Maximize your chemical application, avoid boom damage, and reduce stress.

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MyWay RTK is an internet based RTK solution designed specifically for agriculture that lets you receive RTK corrections over the internet. If your equipment uses industry-standard "GPS" protocols, it’ll work with MyWay RTK.

Our coverage area includes, but is not limited to, western Ohio.


AgFocus makes two innovative products: Planter Pro row cleaners move residue without moving the soil, leaving the perfect path for planting. And FastTrac row closers deliver more productive plants, faster.

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Makers of flow controllers, fertilizer applicators, and other variable rate applicators. CapstanAG’s patented technology has proven itself in the field for over 20 years.

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Dakota Micro Inc.

DM’s AgCam rear view camera system is the most durable, reliable and easy to install camera available on the market today. Its lower-priced OverView offers quality construction, versatility, and similar features with an affordable price tag.

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Ram Mounts

RAM Mounts manufactures rugged and versatile mounting systems, protective cases and docking solutions to allow you to use your phone, tablet, camera or laptop in your planter, tractor, or truck.

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