Ag Leader’s DirectCommand® ISOBUS Liquid system provides  advanced tools for control and critical system information visibility for  todays increasingly sophisticated application equipment. Additionally, data  collected in the field is readily accessible via .pdf or on your iPad for  government reporting, in-field productivity scouting and input purchasing  decisions.

Total Liquid Application Control to Meet Today’s Challenges

  • Ease of Use. The unique Load and Go feature takes the guesswork and stress out of setting up the UT sprayer configuration. The tank mix menu was recreated to be simple to use yet detailed enough for today’s tough regulations.
  • Coverage. Droplet Size Monitoring allows users to easily enter their spray tip characteristics and the system will determine the droplet size given the boom pressure. This easily allows operators to manage spray drift and ensure proper chemical efficacy.
  • Low Flow Situations. When the target rate is small or when applying with most of the boom sections off, our system will automatically read the more accurate feedback of the pressure sensor rather than the flow meter, ensuring proper application rate at all times.
  • Performance. 36-section boom valve support;  DirectCommand® supports more shutoff sections than ever before. Support for a wide variety of UT displays, control valves, flow meters, temperature sensors and pressure sensors ensures the compatibility you need.
  • Documentation. AgFiniti® Mobile and SmartReports™ are two tools that make application documentation a cinch.
    Reliability. Internally tested over several thousand acres and numerous Universal Terminals, the ISOBUS Liquid Control Module comes standard with the proven reliability synonymous with the Ag Leader name.

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Product: ISOBUS Liquid