Precision Planting Keeton Seed Firmer

Keeton® Seed Firmers press each seed to the bottom of the furrow to improve seed-to-soil contact and give you a crop stand you can be proud of.

A Simple Solution

Keeton Seed Firmers gently press every seed into the bottom of the trench to tuck it firmly in the soil, ready to take in the moisture and heat it needs.  Keeton Seed Firmers are a simple attachment that adds yield to your planter, seeder, or drill.

Apply In-furrow Liquid

The Keeton seed firmer can also act as a liquid application tool for insecticides, fungicides, and proper in-furrow fertilizers.  Choose directly on the seed placement or a splitter to split the stream of liquid.  Either way, you still get the benefits of firming, as well as liquid application in a single device.

Add Eyes to Your Firmer

The Keeton Seed Firmer led to a new technology, SmartFirmer.  SmartFirmer pairs with 20|20 in the cab to not only firm seed, but measure the furrow to provide information in the cab so the operator can see what type of environment the seeds are being placed in.

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Product: Precision Planting Keeton Seed Firmer




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