Advance Seedtube Monitoring

Advanced Seed Monitoring helps eliminate yield-robbing planter problems. SeedCommand™ offers complete planter monitoring and control functions, eliminating the need for an additional planter monitor in the cab.
View row-by-row performance in real-time on:

  • Population
  • Spacing quality
  • Seed spacing
  • Skips
  • Doubles
  • Row-by-Row Detail -Know what’s happening with just a quick glance!

Take advantage of more data with Split Screen Advanced Seed Monitoring. Utilizing the map screen for visual performance data, you can see where a problem started and on what row to make the proper machine changes to save yield. Get even more in depth information through graphical representations of each individual row.

Automatically determines and displays the rows operating at the highest and lowest levels for singulation and population.
Seed meter and placement details incorporated with SeedCommand’s row shutoff, hydraulic down force, planter drive modules – all on one screen.


  • Quickly identify trending planter issues with row by row previous pass data.
  • Improve planter performance by reducing or eliminating skips and doubles.
  • Prevents yield loss due to lodging and nutrient competition in double-planted areas.
  • Eliminate additional cab clutter by merging your seed monitor into the colorful, easy to use and insightful features of the Ag Leader
  • InCommand™ display.
  • Pair with the AgFiniti® Mobile app and your iPad to get as planted varieties, singulation, seed spacing data and more to take with you on the go.

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Product: Advance Seedtube Monitoring




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