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Precision Agri Services Inc. (PASI) provides the best agronomic, environmental, ag technology, planter services, and planter products to farmers & agribusinesses in Ohio and surrounding states.

We've been the preferred supplier of ag systems, agronomy supplies, planters, fertilizer equipment, agricultural equipment technology, and general farm equipment since 1994.

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We are farmers, too.


We specialize in seed meter calibration, planter inspections & setup, & planter equipment sales, installation & training.

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AG Technology & Data Services

At PASI we believe it has only one purpose: to help make better decisions about how to farm in the future.

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Crop Consulting & AG Services

We provide extensive agronomy services and dependable crop consulting to Ohio farmers.

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About Us

At Precision Agri Services Inc., we have three goals.

  • Make you more efficient
  • Make you more profitable
  • Help you do what is right for the environment

Everything we do is meant to achieve one or more (or all) of those goals.

That means when we recommend a particular soil technique, some new planting equipment, or a piece of technology, you won’t have to worry. For us, it’s not about special ties with a manufacturer or the size of our consulting check. It’s about helping you manage and grow your farm to maximize success.

For smart strategies, straight talk and great results, trust PASI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For effective planter maintenance, utilize a range of checklists and guidelines to ensure readiness for planting. Here's a succinct checklist to assist you in maintaining precision during the planting process.

Retrofitting a pre-owned planter for precision planting with row cleaners proves to be a practical solution. The addition of row cleaners aids in establishing a residue-free area, ensuring uniform planting conditions for corn. This is particularly advantageous when the planter is confronted with remnants and debris from previous crops, making it a confident choice for rebuilding the planter.

Calibrating seed meters is a crucial process in agriculture that ensures accurate seeding and optimal crop growth. By calibrating seed meters, you can ensure accurate and consistent seeding, leading to better crop yields and reduced waste.

Make sure your planter is functioning well. Adjust the planter to ensure consistent planting depth by leveling it from front to back and side to side.

Precision planting, a cutting-edge agricultural technology, harnesses sophisticated sensors, robotics, and data analysis to empower farmers with the ability to plant crops more precisely and efficiently. By leveraging a fusion of technology and data, it gauges environmental elements like soil composition, crop rotation patterns, and other variables, thereby facilitating more accurate planting and improved crop supervision. In essence, precision planting stands as an indispensable asset in contemporary agriculture by assisting farmers in refining their planting techniques and enhancing crop productivity while reducing resource wastage.

In Ohio, the analysis of soil samples is essential for sustainable farming and environmental preservation. By examining the chemical, biological, and physical properties of the soil, farmers gain valuable knowledge about soil health and crop systems. This information empowers them to make well-informed choices regarding nutrient management and soil enhancements, ultimately leading to data-driven decisions that optimize crop production.


What People Are Saying

Support has never been an issue. I was able to increase efficiency on the farm without adding more operators.
Anthony Schroeder



Evan (with Precision Agri Services, Inc.) has been great to work with. Everything he told me he followed through on in a very timely response. Their product knowledge and support have been great.

Chad Tryon



Slight hills were drawing it down at C3 at around 10.0 mph going down to as low as 9.0. After the tune with AgroEcoPower we were in D1 at 12.2 mph and no draw down whatsoever.

Scott Gaier


Within thirty seconds I knew you knew what you were doing. I have no patience and I know if I call, I will get an answer. Product knowledge and service is everything.

Steve Hines

Ashville, Ohio


Evan (with Precision Agri Services, Inc.) did a great job presenting me with options on a steering system I was not satisfied with. He helped me use Ag Leader technology I Already had to Convert it to steer my 8520 John Deere. Tech support is top-notch with him.

Jake Henry



We had our 8320 ECU rewritten and are so happy we did! Tanner took the tractor from 260hp up to 305hp and it is a world of difference. We are pulling our digger faster at less rpm and can't wait to see what it will do on our vertical till!

Jeff Adams

Scott, Ohio


Just put it (Ag Leader InCommand 1200 with ISO serial bridge) to the test. Everything works really well. Each boom sections on and off, in and out of multiple different paint zones. Pretty sweet deal!

Jim Patton

Hillsboro, Ohio


Tuned John Deere 8310R with Stock HP: 311hp Tuned: 360hp and Stock Torque: 1071lb/ft. Tuned: 1244lb/ft with AgroEcoPower.

John Deere 8310R


This little workhorse just gained a few more horses [with AgroEcoPower]. I use this utility tractor for just about everything now the tractor has some more added power to complete my tasks. Stock HP: 36hpTuned 48hp with AgroEcoPower.

Massey Ferguson 1736

Belpre, Ohio

support in the field

We are farmers, too.

We’ve been where you are, and we know how important it is to be able to count on good, reliable advice. Your success is our success—which is why we treat your farm like it’s our own.

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