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Ag Leader® AgFiniti®

Today’s agriculture is increasingly data centric, your information needs to be more accessible than ever. With the AgFiniti cloud based platform, take information about your entire operation with you wherever you go to help you make decisions on the farm that matter most.
Being connected makes farming easier and more efficient by allowing for more decision making on the go. AgFiniti connects you to your operation, your trusted advisors and your data. Access to your data and your maps from the field, the office, or while meeting with your trusted advisors; through your iPad, tablet, laptop or even your smartphone has never been easier!

The AgFiniti Mobile App -Take your data with you!

  • Knowledge is power. When you leave the field, take your data, maps and reports with you on your iPad with AgFiniti Mobile.
  • See information from multiple machines – sync data from multiple displays onto one iPad.
  • Connect AgFiniti Mobile to your AgFiniti Cloud account to access your planting, application, and harvest information from anywhere.
  • Download the free AgFiniti Mobile app to easily sync data and maps from your InCommand™ display to your iPad®.
  • Maps automatically available on iPad for viewing anytime, anywhere.
  • No data plan or internet connection required.

Manage all of your field data

  • Manage all of your field data, maps and reports online with an easy-to-use AgFiniti cloud account.
  • Receive data, maps and reports from all of your Ag Leader displays (other brands using SMS).
  • View data and maps anytime, anywhere on your favorite mobile device.
  • Send or email links for easy downloading or collaboration with trusted advisers.

Analyze your data

  • View map statistics for your current GPS position or a selected location. View statistics related to planting rates, yields, soil types, hybrids, fertilizing treatments and more.
  • Overlay your maps for a better understanding of observations. While layering maps adjust transparency, reorder and view different map types for improved visualization.
  • Customize map legends to view your data as you want. Adjust legend colors, ranges and themes.
  • Quickly and easily query specific areas to better understand yield influencers.
  • View maps anytime, anywhere on any mobile device through a web browser.
  • Access your field data anytime, anywhere.

Using the AgFiniti Mobile App on your iPad, you can easily take your maps with you from the cap, without having to worry about cables, a USB drive or even an internet connection.  Simply sync your InCommand display with your iPad and take your maps with you from the field.
View data generated with your Ag Leader displays, on the AgFiniti Cloud based platform, from your favorite mobile device – whether that’s an iPad, Android/Windows tablet, smart phone or laptop. View your data anytime, anywhere through your favorite web browser.
Sync data from multiple displays onto one iPad, to see all of your information in one place.
Use AgFiniti in conjunction with SMS Desktop Software to view your data from multiple brands of precision ag displays, such as Ag Leader Technology®, CNH®, John Deere™, Precision Planting, Trimble® among others.

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