How To Adjust The Depth On Your Planter Quickly

How To Adjust The Depth On Your Planter Quickly

Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at one of the newly-released products by Precision Planting and it’s called the SmartDepth.

SmartDepth lets you adjust the seed depth on a section-based aspect of your planter while you're going through the field.

A lot of people ask us why SmartDepth is needed.

Why do they need to be able to adjust their depth?

Isn’t the whole point to have a uniform depth to get uniform emergence?

When talking about DeltaForce, they’re absolutely right.

DeltaForce is going to place seeds at a consistent depth, no matter where you have your T handle setting.

In different environments and during different conditions, from a no-till side to a conventional till side, you’re still placing the seed, let's say, two inches deep consistently across the field with DeltaForce.

With the SmartFirmer you can read the moisture. With this moisture information, you can find out that you’ll need 30% moisture for consistent germination.

So what we want to do is tie the SmartFirmer together with the SmartDepth to help give us 30% moisture at all times while driving through the field.

Now, there are times when you could find yourself in an environment with less than 30% moisture.

When you see this with your SmartFirmer you’re going to want to get out and adjust the depth down one notch. You'll want to do this because if it doesn’t rain then your seed isn’t going to get the moisture it needs.

So, you’ve gotten out and you’ve set it one notch deeper but when you get out of this area you might notice that your moisture is over 40%. You’ll have to get out again and adjust it. No operator is really going to want to spend their time doing this.

This is where Precision Planting’s SmartDepth comes in.

The system has the ability to raise your unit for a shallower depth or lower it down based on the moisture.

Let's take a closer look into exactly what the SmartDepth can do.

How does SmartDepth work?

SmartDepth works by using a calibration process.

This calibration process makes sure that every single row is at a consistent depth. There are a lot of people who look at this product and believe that it’s exactly what they’re missing to complete their set up.

They’ve already installed the DeltaForce, and they’ve spent money on the vSet, so the SmartDepth is the perfect addition to tie it all together.

The SmartDepth system, depending on the environment you’re in, could easily be the last piece of the puzzle. It helps you get that perfect, uniform emergence with your field.

With the SmartDepth, once it’s calibrated, you’ll have the ability to adjust the monitor manually to any depth.

For example, you can tell the system to adjust to two inches in depth and if you want to adjust them individually you can do that as well.

You also have the ability to turn it to automatic mode so this is where you can set a minimum depth and a maximum depth. So it’ll adjust based on 30% moisture to either your minimum depth and your maximum depth or anywhere in between.

SmartDepth can give you the ability to give 30% moisture at all times. This can give you the greatest seed to soil contact for uniformed emergence on the planter.

If you have any questions regarding the SmartDepth, please contact us today at Precision Agri Services, we’d love to help you figure out if it’s the right solution for you.

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