How To Improve The Growing Environment For Your Seeds

How To Improve The Growing Environment For Your Seeds

If you take a look at the industry, you’ll see hundreds of different types of closing wheels, and thousands of ideas and articles on how to make the growing environment better for your seeds

Everybody has an idea of what their wheel should be and what’s better. You can look at your different notch settings and set it for different locations, but it all takes a lot of spec work and effort on your part.

What if you set everything up and move halfway through the field only to meet a wet spot? You might want to get a different wheel, but you’re not going to have the time to change your wheels in the middle of the field. To get the best results, you’d have to change them constantly.

So what we really want to do is streamline things, make it easier, and get rid of all the guesswork. We want to do our best job in all conditions throughout the entire field.

This is something that Precision Planting is striving to do. They take out the guesswork and narrow everything down to one unit that does the perfect job, throughout the entire field.

Precision Planting does all this with FurrowForce. Let’s take a look at FurrowForce and how it can help you get the perfect seed environment.

What stops us achieving the optimum seed environment?

Getting the seed environment right can be a real struggle.

Ideally, seed should be in an environment where there’s no evidence that a planter even created a furrow.

There should be no air pockets and the environment should be mellow to let the seed germinate and emerge. It should also be firm enough to hold moisture so the seed can mature and grow strong.

This delicate balance can be difficult to achieve.

Getting the seed environment right is necessary for profitability, but what’s preventing you from getting it right?

It could be the weight on the closing wheels, or perhaps your closing wheels are maintaining ground contact with compaction.

Whatever the reason is, it has to be fixed or you won’t be able to get the maximum yield in your fields.

How FurrowForce can help get the perfect environment for your seeds

FurrowForce works differently from other closing systems.

The first stage notched wheels close the seed furrow from the bottom up. This gets rid of any air pockets.

The second stage stitch wheels carry the weight. This firms the soil over the seed and helps retain moisture.

On its own, FurrowForce is a powerful product, but you can also add load cells to measure and set weight on the closing system.

When a load cell measures the weight that’s been set FurrowForce will automatically adjust row-by-row.

This allows you to make your second stage stitch wheels carry the correct weight and make sure your first stage notched wheels are cutting into the soil at the right depth.

How to manage the density of the soil

A lot of growers think that having proper closing just means the seed is covered. However, putting soil over the seed is only a small part of the process.

You have to be able to manage the density of the soil and maintain moisture if you want to create the best environment possible for the seeds.

FurrowForce helps solve this problem and can maintain a set amount of weight on the stitch wheels.

This enables the soil to stay firm over the seed. It also removes air pockets and keeps moisture for a longer amount of time. This gives each seed planted the chance to germinate consistently.

Get the best soil environment by pairing FurrowForce with DeltaForce

If you’d like to have the perfect system for creating the optimum seed environment, you should consider pairing FurrowForce with DeltaForce.

DeltaForce is an automated row-by-row downforce control system. It measures and adjusts downforce every time there’s any variability in your field. You can find out more about DeltaForce in our last blog post.

Pairing these two together will give your seeds the ideal environment to grow in.

Precision Planting has done a great job trying to eliminate the guesswork of different closing wheels and different systems. They’ve made everything a lot easier by combining it all into one.

If you have any questions regarding ForrowForce, please contact us today at Precision Agri Services.

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