What’s The Best Seed Meter And Drive System?

What’s The Best Seed Meter And Drive System?

Bill Lehmkuhl

As we start to evaluate seed meter performance, one of the most common terms used in the industry is singulation. This is how we determine how well your existing meter puts one seed on its respective disc of finger sets and drops it down the seed tube.

One option that’s offered by Precision Planting for a vacuum planter is the vSet meter.

The original vacuum meter upgrade by Precision Planting was called the eSet meter. It took your existing vacuum planter and converted it to a new meter. eSet stood for every seed, every time, and helped your planter plant, as well as a finger pick up the planter.

The finger meter, however, started to have some issues, so Precision Planting offered a new vacuum upgrade option to the finger pickup planter and they called that the vSet meter - which is the product we’re highlighting today.

The vSet meter can attach to your existing drive system, change sprockets, and more, but Precision Planting didn’t stop there.

They also offer a vDrive which is a 12-volt motor to control the vSet meter at the road level. It gives you individual real clutch control which lets you shut off or turn on each row individually.

The vDrive lets you have an individual row, population control.

Let’s take a deeper look into the vSet seed meter and the vDrive drive system.

What is the vSet seed meter?

Having healthy crops is every farmer’s goal, and to do that you have to have a great meter on your planter, one that never makes a single mistake.

A lot of meters need a certain sized seed, or a bit of adjustment to do the perfect job. This can be pretty frustrating, but there is a solution and it’s by Precision Planting.

Precision Planting developed the perfect solution, the best seed meter on the market: the vSet meter. It upgrades your planter and requires absolutely zero adjustments. It’s accurate and easy to maintain too.

What are the benefits of the vSet meter?

It gives you perfect singulation

The vSet uses a flat disk, which means it doesn’t support cells that only like certain sized seeds.

It’s combined with a singulator that rides on the edge of the disk. This knocks off extra seeds which means that your singulation accuracy for corn and soybeans will be almost 100%. You don’t even have to worry about adjustments!

It can plant more than just corn and soybeans

The vSet isn’t just for corn and soybeans either.

It has 13 different crop kits and can handle almost any crop you can think of.

What is the vDrive drive system?

Mechanical drive systems always need maintenance which can take up quite a lot of time. The vDrive is a maintenance-free electric drive system. It makes planting so much easier and you won’t have to deal with the headaches of a mechanical drive system.

What are the benefits of the vDrive drive system?

It helps you save time

It’s very important to get your planter ready to go for the spring months, and no matter how careful you are, issues always crop up during planting.

If you add vDrive to your planter you’ll be able to save time, money, and a whole lot of frustration. You won’t have to worry about annoying maintenance checks; you can just keep your planter working day after day, thanks to vDrive.

You can save seeds with row shut off

vDrive can turn off your seed meter at a boundary (or where you’ve planted already) so you don’t waste any seeds.

It helps you get the population right on curves

When planting around curves with a regular drive system, the population of each row can vary. With vDrive on your planter, each meter turns the speed that matches the speed of the row-unit. This means that the plant population will be correct for every row on the planter.

You get a perfect variable rate

vDrive can get you the most out of the variable rate. It hits the right rates because each row is able to change the population independently. This means your planter will be able to get the rate correct in every zone of the field.

Precision Planting has made planting easier thanks to their vSet meter and their vDrive.

If you have any questions regarding the vSet meter or the vDrive, please contact us today at Precision Agri Services - we’d love to help you figure out the right set up for your needs.

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