What’s The Best System For Liquid Control?

What’s The Best System For Liquid Control?

Precision Planting has provided growers with a lot of opportunities over the years to be able to control various pieces and parts of their planters at a road level type of accuracy.

Whether it was with the vDrive controlling a vacuum meter of the vSet meter, or the hydraulic downforce of DeltaForce, they have given growers a lot to work with.

A few years ago Precision Planting expanded into the liquid application market to try and make the systems work better for growers.

So, they came out with two products called vApplyHD and vApplyFlex.

Let’s take a closer look at the vApplyHD to see how it works, why it’s a great choice for liquid control, and what applications you can use with it.

What does the vApplyHD do?

Farmers generally don’t experience much variability in the rate applied to each row with liquid control systems today.

vApplyHD however allows you to get the correct rate of liquid fertilizer to every single plant in your field. It makes sure that:

  • Your plants don’t starve
  • Your fertilizer ROI is maximized

You want to be able to feed your crops exactly what they need, but the problem is that putting together a system that works (and gets you the right visibility rate) can be confusing.

Many growers have just made the decision to grab a random system just to get out of that cloud of confusion, but more often than not, they’re frustrated by the choice they’ve made.

The vApplyHD, however, is an individual row, flow meter, and ball valve all combined into one tool and is quite similar to the vDrive.

It gives you population or at this point application rate control and individual row clutch control.

As the product flows in, it goes through a flow meter, and there’s a harness that’s tied to the SRM that’s mounted in close proximity to the row-unit.

The row-unit or the SRM tells the 20/20 monitor what the flow meter is seeing. Then, the electric ball valve on the exit side opens or closes to achieve the row by row target of the application. It does this whether it’s a two by two setup, an in-furrow, or both.

What is Precision Planting Conceal?

Conceal by Precision Planting is a great placement to go with the vApplyHD. It’s a nitrogen application tool and it puts the liquid on one side of the row, or on both sides of the row.

So if you’re a grower that’s running a higher nitrogen rate on their planter then you can get a big advantage by using Conceal. You can split the nitrogen into both sides of the row for both root development and root safety.

As the planter is running through the field you’ll have DeltaForce out front that’s controlling the seed depth. At the same time, you can control your Conceal knife because it’ll be going the same depth as your gauge wheel.

So, with the Conceal you’ll have the ability to do a single site application and then also a double-sided application.

What is FurrowJet?

FurrowJet is perfect to use alongside Conceal and vApplyHD.

FurrowJet is an in-furrow application tool. With FurrowJet you have the ability to place the liquid on the seed but also three-quarters of an inch on both sides of the seeds on the planter. FurrowJet is used to get the right nutrients to seedlings to ensure that they never go hungry.

You should start looking at this product, if you’re trying to push the limits on a gallon per acre on a particular product that’s not quite seed safe at that rate.

So you’d want to use the wing aspect to place the product on the seed so it’s right there for root development as the seedling grows.

With FurrowJet, Precision Planting was focusing on their phosphorus application. With Conceal they focus more on the nitrogen application.

So, if you look at everything that Precision Planting does, they’re all about placing particular things in the best places to give you the top results for your product.

With Conceal, your concealed knife makes sure your liquid is always going to be three inches over and it’s not going to be placed closer to harm the plant. It’s just going to be there for when your plant gets to it.

It’s the same thing with FurrowJet. You’re replacing liquid right off to both sides so that when the seed comes out it’s right there waiting to be absorbed into the plant.

If you have any other questions or are thinking about upgrading or adding an application system or a delivery method, feel free to give us a call and we’d be glad to help.

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