Precision Planting CleanSweep

CleanSweep™ by Precision Planting allows you to make row cleaner adjustments from the cab, eliminating the frustration of getting row cleaners set, saving you time while planting.

CleanSweep connects a cylinder on your row cleaner to an air source that is run from a cab mounted control box and puts precise control of your row cleaner at your fingertips, in the cab, on the go.

Give Every Seed a Chance

CleanSweep allows you to adjust row cleaners from the cab. Since it is easy, you will make adjustments when you should and prevent:

  • Late emergence from heat and moisture loss
  • Seedling diseases
  • Nutrients tied up by residue
Simple System, Big Payback

CleanSweep uses air cylinders on each row cleaner that can have pressure added to them or removed. Be more aggressive or run lighter, the choice is yours. The pressure adjustment is made by moving a lever in the cab to apply lift pressure or down pressure to the cylinders so they clean the way you want them to. The result is correctly adjusted row cleaners, time savings, and an end to the frustration of not having the planter set correctly.

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