Ag Leader DualTrac

SteerCommand® with Ag Leader® DualTrac® is an extremely accurate, top-of-the-line steering system capable of low-speed steering and high accuracy repeatability. 

The SteerCommand controller features 9 axis terrain compensation by having 3 sensors sensing each axis - one each for yaw, pitch and roll, familiar AutoSteer user interface and calibration routines and a familiar installation procedure.

DualTrac Features
  • Ultra Low-Speed
    Performs at speeds as low as 0.05 MPH (0.08 km/h).
  • Integrated Autosteer
    Pairs with SteerCommand Z2 to provide high-performance integrated hydraulic steering.
  • Reliable Heading
    The dual antenna design allows the system to maintain a stable heading, even when not in motion.
  • Sub-inch Accuracy
    Using RTK, TerraStar-X or NTRIP to achieve sub-inch.
  • Ag-Specific
    Rugged Smart Antenna.
  • Integrated Magnets and Included Mounting Plate
    With locating pins provide easy, repeatable mounting for easy vehicle transfer.
  • LED Diagnostics
    For system monitoring.

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