Precision Planting FurrowJet

FurrowJet® by Precision Planting firms the seed in the trench while placing bands of fertilizer on and near the seed, so early roots can access essential nutrients at the perfect time, ensuring that plants are never hungry.

Place Phosphorus Perfectly

Putting a starter where the plant needs it when the plant needs it, takes FurrowJet.  FurrowJet is a planter-mounted device that places three bands of phosphorus starter fertilizer near the furrow; one in-furrow, and two about 3/4" away from the seed on either side.  These three bands are placed right where the seedling roots and crown roots will grow, taking up the P and thriving.

  • Accurately places liquid fertilizer in ideal locations for nutrient absorption
  • Dual-band near furrow (3/4”) placement
  • Optional band in-furrow
  • Enables increased rates of common starters to be applied safely

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Product: Precision Planting FurrowJet




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