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Episode One



When is the best time to plant corn? What does it cost you if you plant too early, too late, or in the wrong conditions? In today’s tip, Jason Webster with Inside PTI explains just that.

Resource Videos

Episode 70: Residue Management - Part 2
Episode 69: Residue Management - Part 1
Episode 68: Multi-Genetic Planting
Episode 67: Late Season Nitrate Testing
Episode 66: Nitrogen Management Trial
Episode 65: Corn Moisture Testing
Episode 64: Strip Tilling Part 1
Episode 63: Field Crop Scouting
Episode 62: Flutriafol FurrowJet Trial
Episode 61: Dribble Nitrogen Study
Episode 60: Fertilizer Reallocation
Episode 59: Ideal Soil Moisture
Episode 58: Irrigated vs Non-Irrigated
Episode 57: Row Cleaners
Episode 56: What is Singulation
Episode 55: Closing Systems Trial
Episode 54: Pre-Harvest Yield Checks
Episode 53: Water Filtration System
Episode 52: Adding CO2 to Soybeans
Episode 51: Nitrogen Stabilizer Study
Episode 50: Soybean Seeding Rate
Episode 49: Applying Less Nitrogen
Episode 48:Turn Compensation
Episode 47: Row Width & Seeding Rate
Episode 46: All New Planter
Episode 45: Strip Cropping Study
Episode 44: Down Corn
Episode 43: Pushing Soybean Fertility
Episode 42: Liquid Starter Fertilizer Rates
Episode 41: Irrigation and Fertigation
Episode 40: Water Management
Episode 39: vSet Singulator Comparison
Episode 38: Soybean Downforce
Episode 37: All Wrong
Episode 36: Managing Row Cleaners
Episode 35: High-Speed Corn Planting
Episode 34: Saturated Cold Germ Testing
Episode 33: Granulated Livestock Manure
Episode 32: Sulfur Management
Episode 31: Bottom 10 PTI Farm Trials
Episode 30: Top 10 PTI Farm Trials
Episode 29: Narrow Row Corn
Episode 28: Low pH Soil Levels
Episode 27: Soybean Seeding Rate
Episode 26: Potassium Applications
Episode 25: Nitrogen Loss
Episode 24: Single vs Dual Band Nitrogen
Episode 23: Strip Freshener
Episode 22: Soil Applied Insecticide
Episode 20: Leaf Orientation
Episode 19: Singulating Soybeans
Episode 18: Conceal Study
Episode 17: Perfect Corn Stand
Episode 16: Starter Fertilizer Management
Episode 15: Saturated Cold Germ Testing
Episode 14: PTI Planter Builds
Episode 13: PTI Building Update
Episode 12: Keeton and Downforce
Episode 11: Corn Singulation Study
Episode 10: Keeton Seed Firmer Study
Episode 9: Corn Planting Depth
Episode 8: Residue Management
Episode 7: Starter Fertilizer Placement
Episode 6: Closing the Furrow Part 2
Episode 5: Closing the Furrow
Episode 4: High Speed Soybean Planting
Episode 3: DownForce
Episode 2: Optimum Soybean Planting Date



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