LiquiShift® Variable Rate Technology provides the ability to achieve the widest range of on-the-go rate changes of any application system available. SureFire’s LiquiShift® will allow for a flow increase of 6-8 times the minimum flow rate the system is configured for. In a scenario with a minimum rate of 10 GPA at 4 MPH, the maximum rate at 6 MPH would be 40-50 GPA (6-8 times the minimum rate).

LiquiShift® works in conjunction with a SureFire PumpRight liquid application system. PumpRight systems utilize a diaphragm pump with PWM variable speed hydraulic motor control. Joined with the industry leading SureFire E-Mag flow meter technology, this results in the most accurate and reliable system for applying fertilizer on your implement. PumpRight is available in four models. The correct model is selected to meet your application scenario.

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Product: LiquiShift