Precision Planting mSet

mSet® from Precision Planting is a multi-hybrid planting system that allows you to plant the best hybrid into each area of your field, improving field profitability.

Multi-Hybrid Planting for Improved Profitability

mSet pairs with Precision Planting's 20|20, vSet meter and vDrive electric drive. Under a split hopper holding two hybrids, a seed selector lets a few seeds of the hybrid that is currently being planted into the meter. When it is time to switch hybrids, it allows seeds from the other part of the hopper to come into the meter. A seed level sensor in the meter tells the seed selector when more seed is needed and ensures that you don't run out of seed.

  • Variability in fields, when not addressed, leads to lower farm profitability
  • mSet allows you to switch hybrids on the go
  • mSet pairs with 20|20 , vSet , and vDrive
Build Your System

The Precision Planting hopper system allows you to build the planter you will utilize now and in the future. If today you decide to add vSet® to your planter with mini hoppers for a single hybrid and then in the future add the mSet® seed selector, you use the hopper you already have. If you want to move from mini hoppers to a 1.6 bushel single hybrid or dual hybrid hopper, you simply add on to your existing mini hopper. A purchase today is an investment in your planter for the long term, without needing to switch out hoppers with each additional upgrade.

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