Precision Planting PrecisionMeter

PrecisionMeter™ from Precision Planting provides precise seed singulation for all types of seed.

Improve Planter Performance Where it Counts-In the Meter

Ordinary finger meters have a hard time singulating, especially with a wide variety of seeds. They’ll miss one, then grab two, resulting in skips and doubles. That not only wastes seeds, it cuts your yield.

Because the components all mesh perfectly, Precision Meters hold one seed at a time, then release it. They’re engineered and built to do it again and again. You’ll see fewer skips and doubles – and higher yield.

If you don’t need a whole new meter, you can still improve your spacing with Precision Meter belts, backing plates or finger sets. Your Precision Planting dealer can test your meters and recommend upgrades.

  • SureFire Seed Belt
  • SkipStop Metal Cover
  • PopulationMax
  • Adjustable Brush
  • Precision Fingers

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