Precision Planting SpeedTube

SpeedTube® by Precision Planting is a seed delivery system that allows you to double your planting speed without sacrificing performance.

Plant 2x Faster. A masterpiece of engineering. The planter of the future is in your shed today. SpeedTube allows you to increase your speed and ensure spacing accuracy while maximizing your planting window. Designed with performance, durability, and ease of use as the core objectives.

Speed Doesn't Have to Kill

Think differently about planting speed. We know that planting too fast will cause row units to bounce, seeds to bounce in the tube, and a poor stand. SpeedTube eliminates this issue because the seeds are controlled all the way from the vSet meter to the ground. If there is row unit bounce, it doesn't affect seed spacing because the seeds are contained within a flighted belt, keeping them in place. When seeds are under control, speed can be increased without sacrificing performance. And when you increase speed, you can have a smile on your face when that late spring rain comes because you know all of your crop is in the ground, accurately.

Controlled Speed Wins

SpeedTube combines with other systems from Precision Planting as part of a high speed planting system that ensures that as you speed up, yield potential is not going down. SpeedTube uses two feeder wheels to pull seeds off of the vSet disk, into a flighted belt, and into the seed trench. The seeds don't bounce in the tube because they are under control, and they also don't tumble in the furrow because the seed release is matched to ground speed. The result is properly spaced seeds, and more acres covered in the ideal planting window.


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